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#3: Justin Wu - Growth Hacking and How It Helps Brands


This week on Define Your Brand, Expert Growth Hacker, Information Architect, and Founder of joins hosts Matt Crane and Jeremie Warner to break down how he has helped brands achieve over one million downloads in their app store, 3 million in crowd funding, and taken SaaS companies to over 100K monthly revenue and 1 million in yearly revenue. 

Let's all welcome the growth hacking expert Justin Wu to the Define Your Brand Podcast Show

#2: Hank Norman - Why Your Brand Needs to Press Record


This Week on Define Your Brand,

Founder of Star Power, CEO of 2 Market Media, and TV producer extraordinaire Hank Norman joins hosts Matt Crane and Jeremie Warner to discuss why your brand needs to Press Record and be seen more through the power of video. 
Hank has spent years helping brands, influencers, and networks explode through the power of video, television shows, and now through digital platforms. 
Always one to press the envelope, Hank is not only the go-to in this space but a true giant in the world of video marketing and network presence.  
Let's all welcome the man himself Hank Norman to the Define Your Brand podcast show. 

#1: Matt Crane & Jeremie Warner - Why Define Your Brand and Why Now!


The Define Your Brand Podcast was created to educate each listener and viewer through the interviews we have with some of the best in the world on how to define your brand in today's digital age. 

Hosts Matt Crane and Jeremie kickoff the podcast in this episode with Matt breaking things down with the CEO Jeremie Warner on how to Define Your Brand and why RIGHT NOW is that time for you to truly understand that Your Brand is Your Responsibility.